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Being Careful While Hiding Your IP with a Bypass

There are a multitude of reasons why one would use a bypass to hide your IP address. These can include getting around a social network website being blocked on your school or workplace internet, or even being banned (mistakenly or not) from an online game. While the “why” and the “how” are something to be discussed elsewhere, the more important concerns are the legality and precautions to take when using a bypass to hide your IP address. » Weiterlesen

Proxy Servers

How Do I Get a Proxy Server ?

A proxy server is a computer that services a client by connecting it to a server indirectly. Instead of the main computer making a direct connection, the proxy server interrupts the request. The computer connects with the proxy server. The proxy server then connects to the server, allowing or denying access of such a service to the original computer. » Weiterlesen