Proxy Servers

How Do I Get a Proxy Server ?

A proxy server is a computer that services a client by connecting it to a server indirectly. Instead of the main computer making a direct connection, the proxy server interrupts the request. The computer connects with the proxy server. The proxy server then connects to the server, allowing or denying access of such a service to the original computer.

Both companies and individuals may use a proxy for various reasons. A company might use a proxy server to speed up its network traffic. Proxy servers can speed up requests by caching pages that users are requesting frequently.

A proxy server interrupts the direct connection of a computer to a server

A proxy server interrupts the direct connection of a computer to a server

A company may use a proxy to prevent their employees from traveling to dangerous websites. It can do this by programming the proxy server to block the user’s request for access to certain websites. The user can also program the proxy server to reject access to websites that display certain words or phrases. Using a proxy in this manner prevents damages from virus and worm downloads. It also ensures that employees are conducting themselves professionally when they are online. Some high schools also use proxy servers to block students from wandering to social media sites. The children are able to use the school computers for educational purposes only.

An individual may use a proxy server to surf the web anonymously. The individual may want to complete an action he or she can only complete once under his or her IP address. He or she may want to register more than once for some type of service. Some web users just like their privacy. A proxy server is a perfect way to hide their IP and thus their personal information.

An user can find a multitude of proxy servers online. He or she can select a proxy server that is in his or her home country or out of the country. Some proxy servers are free for the web surfer to use. Some names of the most popular proxy severs are hidemyass, anonymizer, ultrareach, wujie, vtunnel, and proxify. Each server has a plethora of features and benefits users can enjoy. Many of them are also free to use.

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