Hide My IP

Why do I Want to Hide My IP?

In todays digital age, privacy has become more of concern as website owners have gone to great measure to track the usage of those browsing their websites. Website owners are able to track user activity through the user’s ip address. So, what exactly is an ip address and why would I want to hide my ip?

IP stands for Internet Protocol and is used to identify a specific computer over a network. Each time someone visits a website or conducts an Internet search, the IP address is recorded.

I might want to hide my IP so website owners don't get too much information about me

I might want to hide my IP so website owners don't get too much information about me

Website owners and marketers use the IP address to find out more information about users such as where they are located, the type of Internet connection they are using, how long they have visited sites and which pages they have visited.

If I am surfing the Web and I want to prevent my Internet activity from being tracked, I need to hide my IP address. There are no laws that prevent me from hiding my IP address. To hide my IP, there are many free online proxy server websites that I can visit. Once on these sites, I can conduct searches and visit websites by using the proxy server. The websites that I visit appear within the proxy browser. The proxy then masks my identity and allows me to hide my up address so that I can search in freedom.

I may need to hide my ip address if I am in a public setting such as work, school or a library. Many public institutions block websites that are deemed inappropriate or intrusive to productivity. These sites may include social networking and email sites. I can bypass the blocks by using a proxy server site to hide my ip address from my company network. I can also hide my ip address if I don’t want my employer or school to know what sites I am visiting.

Today, privacy is becoming more uncommon as institutions and website owners use ip addresses to trace users Internet activity. I can hide my ip address to regain my privacy and surf the Internet in freedom.

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