Being Careful While Hiding Your IP with a Bypass

There are a multitude of reasons why one would use a bypass to hide your IP address. These can include getting around a social network website being blocked on your school or workplace internet, or even being banned (mistakenly or not) from an online game. While the “why” and the “how” are something to be discussed elsewhere, the more important concerns are the legality and precautions to take when using a bypass to hide your IP address.

So, is hiding your IP with a bypass illegal? This all depends on your location. In the United States, hiding your IP address is protected by law as a right to privacy. However, the open-ended nature of this question leads to complications. While it isn’t illegal to simply hide your IP address from a website owner, it can be illegal to use this method to violate the terms of service for a product or website. While a bypass can protect your privacy, it isn’t a license to do whatever you’d like on the internet.

When selecting a bypass program to install and use, be sure to research and try to find legitimate reviews of the program. Be skeptical of excessively glowing reviews that may have been submitted by the program’s maker. As with anything you download, be sure to scan the installation file with antivirus software. When installing the program, read any terms of service thoroughly and don’t allow the program to have any invasive permissions on your computer.

Be cautious when using a bypass. A third party could get access to all the personal information you enter

Be cautious when using a bypass. A third party could get access to all the personal information you enter

When using a bypass to hide your IP, the most important thing to remember being cautious, if not outright avoiding entering personal information into websites. While you may desperately want to get on a social networking profile or check your personal e-mail at work with the help of a proxy server, the potential cost could be drastic. Your password(s) could be sent to a third party, leading to hacking and identity theft. Also, it is particularly dangerous to make purchases while using a bypass, as your credit card information could be compromised. Ultimately, it is in the hands of the user to exercise caution when using a bypass.

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